Virus Cleaner on Mobile Phone

Virus on the mobile phone, as in the computer, is an application that does damage. Channel distribution can be via SMS, Bloetooth, or SMS.

Caused due to various viruses. There are viruses that make facilities SMS / MMS is not working properly so. Example, the mobile phone to send SMS / MMS to all numbers in the phone book without our knowledge.

There are some free applications that we can add without having to buy. This application FortiCleanUp name. Applications made Fortinet is divided into several applications for different types of virus.

There are 4 applications available for the Curse FortiCleanUp SMS, FortiCleanUp for Commmwarrior Virus, FortiCleanUP for Caution Virus and Virus FortiCleanUp for Beselo.

The steps of:
1.Download application of There are several language options, you should select the option Multilanguage.Perhatikan also S60 Symbian 7/8/9 version is available. So, download the appropriate file with your mobile phone.
2.Transfer files one by one using a mobile phone downloadke results Blouetooth / Infra Red / data cable. Then the installation process will run automatically.
3.Open menu> FortiCleanUp Curse SMS> Options> Open
4.Process will take place automatically and when finished, the application displays the result. When the virus is found then the application will appear in the quarantine box and delete them automatically. If you want to do re-scan, click Options> Scan

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