UMeox X5 Review, Advantages, Disadvantages, Specs and Price

apparently the world’s thinnest smartphone title will soon fall into the hands of the smartphone made Umeox, Umeox X5. This smartphone has a thickness that makes your smartphone look very thick, which is 5.6 mm! Just imagine your smartphone is split into two parts to get the same thickness with the thin Android phone.

Design and Dimensions

Design of this smartphone is actually normal with the design of the top and bottom slightly convex to the outside as well as the back that looks sunken. At the front there are three touch buttons which have become the standard of some other smartphones. Speaker used for listening during a call in the middle of the screen just above Umeox X5. On the back there is a smartphone camera located on the left side of the body while at the bottom there is a glimpse of the battery cover is similar to that used by the battery cover Nokia C3 and the speakers are on the bottom.

The use of plastic materials makes this design looks Umeox X5 standards without any premium impression compared to other smartphones. With dimensions of 118 x 60 x 5.6 mm, this smartphone is not only thin but also rather small-sized so convenient to use with one hand though not as large smartphones that require two hands to use normally.

Performance and Screen

Because circulating on the internet is simply an image of the dimensions of the device, while the data for such necessary hardware has not been announced. According to news circulating this smartphone will use the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is the latest so for possible hardware specifications may use a chipset from MediaTek cheap famous and widely used by most of the smartphone manufacturer from China.

In addition, the use of dual core processors ranging from quad-core to be possible along with 1 GB of RAM memory view of the MediaTek chipset that may be used. To display sector alone, this smartphone uses a standard screen size is 4 inch. This measure can be considered small when looking at trends of today who use a smartphone with a screen size of at least 4.5 Inch to 5 Inch up.

Connectivity and Memory Storage

Just like a piece of hardware, connectivity features that are used or available storage memory is still not released to the media so not much to be said about this sector although such standard features WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology, GPS navigation technologies and features to support data transfer physically through the micro USB slot can be assured for this smartphone unless there are no additional features or reduced connectivity features that will certainly very strange considering all the technology owned by almost Android smartphone on the market.

Camera and Video Recorder

Camera sector is not much different from other sectors but from the pictures that there is certain to have the main camera and front camera but with an unknown resolution and features supporting others.

Battery and Other Features

Of dimensions can be used battery capacity is not too large even relatively small because a large capacity battery also has a large size so it will certainly affect the size of the thickness of the device.

Price and Conclusion

You seem to have to be patient to find out the price of this slim Android phone because it is very difficult to estimate a fair price because a lot of important information that was not released wide hardware and features that will be embedded in Umeox X5ini. Moreover, this smartphone reportedly will only be sold in China only regional market

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