Sine Mora, Best Game for Sony Xperia ZL, LG Optimus G Pro, and LG Nexus 4

Actually, Sine Mora into the category of console-class gaming. Even though it looks simple with a system of 2D side-scrolling game, Sine Mora has a complex 3D graphics quality unsightly. Game system like this would allow us to play on the smartphone platform.

Sine Mora

In this game, you are required to have good dexterity in driving a classic fighter. Not much different game types of games such famous aircraft or Air Attack Striker 1945. However, Sine Mora made with far more serious. Proved by a cutscene that explains the story of this game. The cutscene scene together in the game that makes this game even more interesting.

Besides story mode, there are also other modes, such as arcade, score attack, and training boss. In total, there are eight stages that you can play with increasing levels of difficulty within each level. Before you start playing, you will be taught in advance how to play through the tutorial stage. However, without any play, the actual game and control system in this game is not too difficult.

In the game, there are several buttons at the bottom of the screen that represent some of the functions of each, such as autofire, time capsule, sub-weapon, and primary-weapon. To control the plane, there are four options offered control system. The difference is only in how to move the plane alone. Default control system is offered, using a virtual joystick on the screen. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can use the touch system that is more free to move aircraft, because it can move as freely as possible without having to finger josytik notice.

Sine Mora

I rate this game very comfortable even played using a touchscreen smartphone. However, I recommend using a smartphone to play it on the big screen 4 inches in order to get the maximum experience. Autofire button in the game is very helpful and useful so that you do not have to bother pressing the primary-weapon manually when they want to shoot the enemy.

After all, your bullet would not be able to run for an unlimited amount. As with the sub-weapon button. This button should only be used when facing the enemy in large numbers only when dealing with a boss or enemy. Sub-weapon is a secondary weapon that has a high-explosive, but can not be used as often as possible as numbers are limited.

Enemy in this game is not just aircraft, but also ships and tanks. Some are successful you destroy enemies will sometimes leave items such as weapon upgrades or points that you can collect. Upgrade weapons fire could double the rate that you fired, so the more powerful the enemy fire. Other functions that are not less important is the time capsule. By pressing the button, you enter slow motion mode so it will be easier to dodge enemy bullets that hit.

Unfortunately, its stunning graphical display makes this a tough game to be played by using a smartphone to the middle. I tested it using three smartphones at once, the Sony Xperia ZL, LG Optimus G Pro, and LG Nexus 4. On Sony Xperia ZL, and the LG Optimus G Pro, fps obtained was less than the maximum because it still feels a little lag. This is because both the smartphone has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. As with the LG Nexus 4 that can run this game very well because of the same specs as the Sony Xperia ZL or LG Optimus G Pro, but only has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels only. Fortunately, you can change the graphic detail if you want to play it more smoothly. Digital Reality as the developer of this game provides three levels of graphics quality, ie low, medium, and high.

File: 286 MB

Price: U.S. $ 5.99

- Best Graphics
-Easy to use control system

-Requires a quad-core smartphone to play comfortably

Conclusion: One of the best Android games that can present visual detail upscale combined with rich sound quality. Control system is easy to use, the level of his game challenging and varied game modes. However, it takes an upscale smartphone (quad-core) to be able to play comfortably.

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