BlackBerry Z10 Review

BlackBerry Z10 brings experience of the alias user experience that is completely different from the previous generation BlackBerry OS. Many operational systems rely swipe or slide and gestures. The operating system is widely praised by the party conducting the review. Some ideas on BlackBerry Z10 really well. Soft light of the screen indicates that something, perhaps a text, email, Facebook post, which was waiting.

BlackBerry Z10 has a virtual keyboard with unique text prediction mechanism. This feature is one of the underdog in the mobile phone. When a user types a letter, predicted words will appear above the letters. Then just diswipe up, the word appears on the screen above. Z10 Keyboard is a virtual keyboard the best and fastest I have ever seen. Maybe not as fast as the traditional physical keyboard, but for a one-handed typist, it is faster and accurate than native keyboard on iPhone and Android. Virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry 10 was nice. Very good. This is the default keyboard is the best of all current operating systems. Layout was uncomfortable with the letters separated lines like BlackBerry handsets of the past.

Bodi BlackBerry Z10 say well made. However, no difference was so obvious from the handset such as the iPhone 5. In the matter of endurance, Z10 does not use Gorilla Glass panel but RIM told me that feature real durabilitasnya same. Z10 is basically a plastic medium size between the iPhone 5 and the new Android models. He feels comfortable in the hand. Its 4.2 inch screen high resolution slightly larger than the iPhone, but the screen is much smaller than the latest Android 5 inch models upwards.

The camera on the BlackBerry Z10 was developed in total from the previous model. One of them TimeSwift where users can play as the time to find the best frames. There is a super cool feature that lets you take photos of people and play time to choose the best facial expressions if the object does not smile or her eyes closed. This is a really cool feature, though not always work all the time. But there is no HDR, no ISO settings, there is no option to lower the resolution and there is no way to remove the camera shutter sound harsh.

Announced there are about 70 thousand applications had been in the BlackBerry World. This app store will try to compete with Google Play Store or the App Store. BlackBerry 10 could also run some Android apps. But it seems not running smoothly.

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