Advantages and Disadvantages of BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini (Review)

BlackBerry Curve 8520


BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini can be relied upon to record the events that we value and cool. Although only 3 mega pixel, Gemini can back up and record the events that our visualization great value in times when a sudden, the picture is enshrined and only waited about 1 minute by using Verizon network, the important moment can be recorded and uploaded directly to Facebook. Event and the moment so that we think are cool can we share to a friend or colleague.

Networking and Connectivity

Gemini with the latest BlackBerry design is only supported with GPRS and EDGE networks, but the upload and download speed GPRS Gemini is very different from the mobile smartphone also uses GPRS access. Whereas Gemini GPRS class 10 with speed of 32 – 48 kbps. Gemini wireless Internet access is much stronger, of course, because it supported EDGE class 10 with 236.8 kbps speed. This makes uploading pictures of objects that we can quickly capture on Facebook.
Gemini is the type Curve 8520 can operate in four GSM networks, ie 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. That could be used in several other countries like Europe and Asia Pacific.


With support for 256 MB of internal memory and external additional memory 32 GB, Gemini is one of rapid smartphone sold in US. And this became the best record in terms of sales in the service, which is like selling Communicator 9500 series and Nokia E90 some time ago.


Unfortunately, demand is so high in the community to create economic law, and again repeated, Gemini dibandrol estimated only about 2 million dollars it had risen to 40 percent, ie around $350.

Social Networking Features

BlackBerry seems to have changed the order of cell phone use anywhere attitude. With the BlackBerry, have all become much easier and cheaper. This is also supported by the availability of content, a case of Facebook, Twitter, IM, Google Talk, BlackBerry Messenger and others.


With the BlackBerry and support the content, so the user can always be on and online. And make communication much more efficient. We can calculate, from the cost of telecommunications using voice and SMS, the trend in telecommunications and Facebook Chat’s, lowered costs and Voice SMS, although levels of satisfaction far different communication denan speak directly. “My phone bill was paid about 300 thousand a month, even up to 500 thousand dollars, but with facebook chat and message, reducing the budget which I spend up to 70 percent,” said Ronald’s day-to-day work in IT companies. Now the device is always connected, so it’s no wonder all become easier and cheaper. Not only reduce the budget communication, human to another human being are now always “on”. Welcome the New Trend Communications.

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